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Say Goodnight

Say Goodnight

Set off to the land of dreams!


+ Unobtrusive play: rock your device upwards-downwards to put animals to sleep.

+ Help the boy get ready for sleep: put the toys away, put on pajamas, wash the face, comb the hair and brush the teeth.

+ Enjoy the three picturesque locations: Forest, Farm, and Baby's House.

+ Twelve cute animals: Bear, Owl, Squirrel, Hedgehog, Cow, Horse, Pig, Hen, Cat, Dog, Bird, Mouse.

+ A soothing lullaby melody to prepare children for sleep.

+ No third-party advertising, social media, links and in-app purchases.

When the tired sun is sloping down and yielding to a silver moon, there comes the time for Say Goodnight. It is a nice and kind interactive bedtime story about a little kid and its animal friends. Before going to sleep, the kid wishes goodnight to the animals on the farm and in the forest. And as every well-behaved child it completes its going-to-bed routines.

Say Goodnight is a bedtime app which brings parents and children together. It ideally suits children from 2 to 4 years old.